Arab’s Got Talent

It was a great experience to be part of Arab’s Got Talent, Season 2, Episode 6. Swaggers performed in front of the 3 judges and left the stage with a positive response from the crowd, 2 ‘Yeses’ and 1 ‘No’.

There was tough competition and we will continue to bring the best that we got! Watch this space and stayed tuned for up and coming events and videos.

Peace :)

Off to Lebanon

Swaggers Crew are getting ready for Arab’s Got Talent! Tomorrow is the big day where we will travel from Cairo, Egypt to Lebanon to perform in front of a live audience.

Excitement, nerves and adrenaline are running through the air as we prepare together for our 2 minute performance. In this short space of time we need to amaze and entertain both the audience and all 3 judges.

Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. *Martha Graham*

We are so pleased and privileged to have this opportunity to bring our talent to more and more people. We want to share our style, creativity, connectivity, flavour and love for dance.

Dancing appears glamorous, easy, delightful. But the path to paradise of the achievement is not easier than any other. There is fatigue so great that the body cries, even in its sleep. There are times of complete frustration, there are daily small deaths. *Martha Graham*


Here is a little taster of Swaggers Crew in action :

Arab’s Got Talent

Egypt’s Got Talent! That’s right, Swaggers Crew got through to the next stage on Season 2 of Arab’s Got Talent.

We will have the great opportunity to show the world what we are really made of as we give a 2 minute performance in front of a live audience and a Jury. In December we will travel to Lebanon, Beirut, to compete our way to the Semi- Finals in May / June.


We will need your support and your encouragement throughout! It is invaluable!

Swaggers Audition for Arabs Got Talent

On Monday 5th July 2011, Swaggers Crew took the opportunity to audition in Cairo for Arabs Got Talent. It was a good day with an excited atmosphere of all the contestants and groups showing some nerves before performing in front of a panel and an audience of other competitors. Nevertheless, we got up on stage and danced our hearts out. We were questioned by the judges about why we entered and what other  dance crew inspired us. This is a good sign, I feel, because for some of the other competitors, there was no time given to discussion. We will find out if we made it to the next round in September. So until then, we will train, and perform at any up and coming shows which of course you will be informed about.

Thank you to all those who support us and continue to encourage us. It is much appreciated and definitely inspires us to entertain.


“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.”